“The Floppy Swing” – Bopnique Musique track of the week

“The Floppy Swing” by Serial Thrillers


Recorded and mixed at Bopnique.

“So Beautiful” single hits #2 on Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio

Serial Thrillers’ “So Beautiful” single hits #2 on Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio Adult charts!

Drop by and take a peek (& a listen) 😉

“So Beautiful” single, Spring 2012 into Summer

Our single “So Beautiful” is available to hear/see the video page! F5 Music videos are simmering and almost ready to taste…

New Review! METRONOME MAGAZINE Doug’s Top 5 for AUGUST 2010

Doug’s Top 5 for AUGUST 2010



The Serial Thrillers graced our cover in July 2009 on the strength of their amazing self-titles debut album. Fast forward to the summer of 2010 and they’re back, yet again, with another powerhouse recording simply titled F5.

Serial Thrillers’ musical architect/guitarist/songwriter and inspiration, Paul Ortolano once again teams with longtime bandmate Stephen Clements on drums and producer, Anthony Resta to hurl a blazing 5-song collection of originals that meld influences as wide ranging as The Beatles, King’s X, Living Colour, and The Lynch Mob. Listeners will be hard pressed to believe that two guys are guilty of such intricate sounds and blazing musical virtuosity, but after listening to the bounding multilayered vocal harmonies, blazing guitar riffs and spot-on timekeeping, they will have no other choice than to become dedicated followers of the Serial Thrillers. Bravo! [D. S.]

Another tasty review – WILDY’S WORLD

“Serial Thrillers have a sound that’s just waiting for the right
audience. The band plays decidedly edgy rock music with real pop charm
and a strong melodic sense. This whole music business is highly fickle,
and it’s impossible to predict success, but if the lords of musical
judgment haven’t lost their minds, Serial Thrillers are going to be huge
one day. If rock n roll has a future in the post-genre world, then it
rests firmly (and safely) in the hands of bands like Serial Thrillers.”

Full review:

Thank you Wildy’s World!!!

Review by

Serial Thrillers – F5 (Independently released CD EP, Pop)
We rarely review EPs…and only when something really stands out. Serial Thrillers is the duo comprised of Paul Ortolano and Stephen Clements. This EP features five tracks, all of which sound like instant hits. The tunes remind us of the first couple ofSqueeze albums. Plenty of ultimately danceable rhythms and seriously addictive melodies here. Our favorite tracks include “Ordinary Days,” “The Floppy Swing,” and “Yeah Okay.” Great pop stuff…very stylized…


The new EP is in!! MP3 singles/Full Album or the shiny new physical & high fidelity CD is available here, at Our Store, and just about everywhere else!!! (full list)
Thanks and Cheers!!!

This 5 song EP is the second release from Boston based alt.pop Rock media group Serial Thrillers, and is a potent follow up to their 2008 debut. Continuing a tradition of oddly sweet, energetic & intricately crafted song writing, they teamed up again with producer Anthony J. Resta and engineer Karyadi Sutedja @ Bopnique Musique yielding another stellar recording filled with plenty of ear-candy and a fresh and sometimes gritty evolution of their sound.

Serial Thrillers F5 Album Cover

New CD EP “F5” in final production!!

Hi All! We just finished mastering the new CD, once again with the help of Vlado Meller at Universal NYC!! Stay tuned for more release info…

Serial Thrillers. 7/25

We will be playing our music this Satrurday(7/25) at

”The Worthen” after the Lowell Folk Festivities.

We are wicked excited to perform, and as always will

be performing to the limits of our physical and spiritual

beings, save enough strength for several hours of semi

lucid socializing after the show.

Preceding “SERIAL THRILLERS” will be a veritable

plethora of musicians of various shapes and sizes also

craving your love, and attention.

If you wish to attend come early as Folk Festival nights

are notorious for packed clubs and mayhem.

The show begins at 6PM, and we go on at 11PM

You may also come see us 7/31 in a more intimate

setting, at the Lizard Lounge.

We will be joined by our good friend Lance Carreau, on Bass.

Please check back for more details.

Many thanks, sincerely, Jane and Michael Banks.

Serial Thrillers

Saturday, July, 25th    6PM

The Worthen House Stage(Outside)

141 Worthen St.

Lowell, MA.

Serial Thrillers Live “Rex” Excerpt

This is the a piece of a recent live performance of the song “Rex” uploaded as a 2 min sample due to the missing audio following the clip… and posted for all to check out and for those who missed this show. More to come… enjoy!

Boring drum Talk.

This is reeeaaally reeeaaally, boring drum talk so if you know what’s good for you you’ll turn back now. I mean it. Last chance.

I was replacing heads and tuning the Serial Thrillers drum module last night and was so excited when I thought I had achieved one of my bests tunings ever. A perfect 3rd between a 12’’ tom and a 14’’ tom, with nary a sour overtone. That was with me sitting behind the kit, and listening out front also. So I put in my ear buds to hear what it will sound like close mic’d, as Paul and I got ready to run Saturdays set.
I hit the 12’’ rack tom and it sounded awesome as I expected it would, and the 14’’ floor sounded like Shit. Unexpected.
All the wonderful tone was coming from the bottom head. I moved the mic from the top head to the bottom head of the drum, and there was my great tuning again. I couldn’t leave it mic’d like that, as through the PA you’d hear all tone and no attack.
I took off the heads and re-tuned the floor tom so it was a fifth lower than the rack.
It now sounds wicked pissah!
While I went through this re-tuning process Paul patiently waited. I just couldn’t run the set knowing that drum sounded so poorly. I,I,I just couldn’t! Thanks Saint Paulie boy!
Now raise your hand if you enjoy tuning drums.
If you raised your hand you’re either lying or enjoy torture.
If you’re lying, you’re a typical American.
If you enjoy torture we might be reading the same book, but are not on the same page.
Oh yeah…..The safe word is Bill Pullman.

After reading back my story I realized most of the events happened just like I said, but some of the tuning took place after rehearsal. I don’t want to lie, but I also don’t want to rewrite. Do you feel my pain?

Space Travel

Let’s take a moment to wish space cadet REX, and his perfect, Peter Pan shadow, good fortune on his blue space suited, angel winged flight to the reddest of all planets.
No my friends. This planet lies deep in the Sci –Fi Mambo galaxy.
Redder than Mars, more sensual than Venus, not as bright as the Sun but still quite intelligent. REX will land on schedule, 9 PM, 4/25/09, at Bopnique.
On arrival he will ascend the stairs (moving slowly while making Darth Vaderish breathing sounds). Upon reaching the platform, he will bound to the left to re-energize his body and mind with sumptuous horderves, then proceed across the hall to hydrate.
In this room he, along with many other adventurous travelers, will view, The “Serial Thrillers” communicating their thoughts and feelings through vigorous movement, rhythm and melody.
You don’t need a space suit or even angel wings to arrive at this event. Just click your heels together 3 times at 33 beats per minute and say” There’s no business like show business”. Then hop in you car and drive.

Serial Thrillers Live
[CD Release Party Pt 1]
Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 9:00pm
The Bopnique Sci-fi Mambo Lounge
@ Bainbridge’s
75 Princeton Street
N. Chelmsford, MA
21+ Adm $10
(includes hot buffet)

cream of stonsciousness

No amazing news today, but I feel the need to fill some space so I will semi stream of conciousness write. By semi I maean I will write shit down realfast ewith out thinking about it and most definitely edit later. I just had the thought of putting up both versions as you would see how poor a speed speller I am, not to mention grammatically lazy. Now my miund is starting to think with some real thought so I feel I must type faster so as not to vbe contrite. Contrite is not the right wordbutr it’s the one that popped in to my head while lookin for the correct word, and I don’t have time to think od the correct word if I wish to be true to my stream of rambliungs. So ever jump off a cliff at a quarry . I have .must have been two telephone poles high . pretty scary. Speaking of heights, ever climb a water tower? Wow I actually remembered to put in a question mark, and now an exclaimation point and I think I may have selled exclaimatipon correctly. That made me think of a new word:ex-claymaton. That would be scrumped up balls of clay thayt used to be a n animated chicken or a Wallace or a grommet.CHESE GROMMIT.BREATH, BREATH. NOW WHAT HOLY CRAP I COULD GO WAY OFF THE DEEP END AND TELL YOU SOMETHING I NEVER TOLD ANYONE BEFORE. NOTHING IMMEDIATELY COMES TO MIND THAK GOD OR SOMEONE WHO LOOKS LIKE HIM. OK I’M GOING TO LOOK AT WHAT ‘VE WRIRREN SO FAR ANF PROBABLY SCRAP IT CUZIT’S SO STUPID. HERE I GO. SEE YOU IN A MINUE.

I didn’t edit this. I didn’t give up any deep dark secrets or impart pearls of wisdom. I didn’t spell exclamation correctly either time, or put one in where I said I was going to. I spelled Gromit wrong twice, and forgot to take the font off CAPS near the end. Spell check gave me at least 20 squiggly red and green lines. I did this for myself once when I was drunk and angry. Now that was a good one. Wanna see it? No way dude. Like 3 or 4 pages in a spiral notebook. They say never write anything down you don’t want the whole world to know. I’m going to look through my old notebooks.
Love, Stephe. See you on the 25th.


Hi Pourson,
That’s how Homestar Runner would greet you. Here’s is a link if you would care to meet him and his animated friends,

We plan on playing everywhere in the world soon, so we think you may want to purchase our latest musical creation before you come to see us live.
I mention this not purely to insure our financial survival, but also to enhance your enjoyment of the Serial Thrillers spectacle you will soon be viewing at a venue near your home.
I personally find the concert experience to be greatly enhanced when I’m familiar with the songs of the artist.

CD’s will be available at the shows, but if you’d like to sing along here’s a link where you can purchase them in advance.

Peace & Love to you,
Stephe. Drummer/Cymbalist/Sample Igniter/Serial Thrillers

Another scenario

Another scenario for April 25th

You walk into the club expecting to slide in under the radar,


All your friends are there to wish you a HAPPY (fill in the blank). Paul then greets you and puts leis of varying colors and designs around your neck. I come over smiling BIG with a present the size of a two month old Malaysian tiger cub covered by wrapping paper of varying colors and designs.

I toss you the package, and as it flys through the air time seems to stand still.

Passing through your mind are all the times you went to see bands, with your hopes high for some great music, a little entertainment, and possibly a hot meal, only to have your dreams dashed, by a band of mannequins with a bad sound system, and stale Chex snack mix. You catch the box in the best way possible, flat to your stomach with no corners poking you, or ribbons tangling in your fingers.

This snaps you back to reality.

This is really happening. Loving friends, family, friends of friends, and friends of family are honoring you, at a Serial Thrillers show, where there is a hot buffet, and more than adequate for the room sound system.

You now are prompted to open your present.

In the box is an object, the likes of which you’ve never seen, but somehow know after having seen it your life will never be the same. To complete your evening the Serial Thrillers must now ROCK.

This much you can count on.

We’d love to see you in the audience at The Bopnique Lounge
at Bainbridges, April 25th, and any other time we’re performing in your area.

p.s. though we aren’t mannequins on stage, we do have mannequins on stage.


You ROCK! I ROCK! When smashed together we create sparks. Add some dry leaves and twigs we’ll create fire.  Then we’ll lie passively watching our creation grow, pulling anything it can touch into its raging  rave of  swirling insanity, that if not forcibly extinguished, will eventually burn out, smolder and die when unable to reach anything else to fuel its madness.

Rough translation;

Paul, you like to ROCK! Me TOO!  When we play music together we create energy, through rhythm and melody. When people come to our show they feel the vibrations and start to move. Then we watch our friends create amongst themselves a raging rave of swirling insanity, that will continue unless the police shut us down, or they turn on the lights for last call, and there’s no more alcohol to consume, or music to fuel their madness.

That’s just one possible scenario. Come see us at The “Bopnique Sci-fi Mambo” Lounge on April 25th and we’ll see what happens.

More words

Well, well, well,

An ominous greeting. The kind you get when you have been caught in the act, e.g., “Well, well, well. I thought you didn’t eat zebra cakes”. Using two well’s means about the same, and using one doesn’t work (well) as a greeting.
One well might be followed by, “If that’s what you really want”, or “Screw you!”
Now that I think of it, you may greet someone with, “Well hello there!” That should be said with enthusiasm, (Texan used car salesman), or in a creepy trying to be sexy way (Quagmire from Family Guy).

In the strange and beautiful world of Serial Thrillers things are whizzing right along.

Our first live date will be April 25th, at the Bopnique Sci-fi mambo lounge, located above Bainbridge’s restaurant in Chelmsford MA. I don’t know if that’s really the name of the venue, but it’s sponsored by our great friend, Anthony Resta whom if I’m not mistaken comes from the planet Scifimambo, in the galaxy of F*#king insane producer. We’ll post all the info on this momentous occasion as it comes in. (turn to next camera) in other news today, the songs Rex, and If Ever were both chosen as Song of The Day, on On separate days of course, or it would have to be Songs of The Day. As I mentioned in a previous blog interviewed us for an up-coming newsletter which will be sent to 80,000, subscribers. I hope they all buy a cd. Think I’m being overly optimistic? I do think like a child sometimes. I punctuate like one also.

Must…..break….free… from…. the …. giant…. clam…..

Meaning my laptop, but brings to mind an episode from the television series Batman (Mayor Adam West), where Robin (Burt Ward) is being devoured by a giant clam.

Any one see it? Scary stuff.

Be well and if you haven’t yet, don’t have any unnecessary cosmetic surgery. You’re beautiful as you are! Unless you think it will make you feel better about yourself for ever and always. Stephe

New interview

Cool news yesterday. We were asked by the folks at to do a short interview to be featured in their newsletter, which will reach 80,000 members. If you get a chance, stop by so you can listen to a plethora of different artists.

Nooooow, so this web log isn’t left as a self centered Serial Thrillers” hey look at us” thing; I’ll tell you a little something else. Though some of you may rejoice with us in our moments of good fortune, as we rejoice with you in your more fortunate moments, no one enjoys being bombarded by continuous promotions. Not that we can stop, as we fit into that particular category  of  human being who needs more attention than the average individual, or we  wouldn’t be on a stage dancing around making facial distortions, and bodily contortions to make you look at us .Or would we? Why DO I wield slender pieces of wood at various speeds toward brass discs, and plastic sheets stretched tightly over circularly bent, and glued plies of wood of varying depths. That activity I like doing even when I’m alone and no one is listening. Steady Rhythm feels so good. So” rock steady baby. That’s what I feel now. Let’s call this song exactly what it is, what it is, what it is, what it is” (Aretha Franklin).

You ARE the missing link! Goodbye.


Hello fellow literates, and possibly those having this read to you,

This week we moved into our pre-tour /video production facility. We’ve been primping the props, marking our spots, tying some knots, and banging on pots.

We are doing some of those things, and have done all of them at some point in our lives, but mostly we are preparing to film our video, and build the stage for the Serial Thrillers traveling freak show. We are excited beyond belief to be playing for our friends, countrymen, and hopefully other countries men, women, and children. Paul, Nicole, John, and Kathy, have been working from dusk (meaning noon) till dawn (meaning dawn), while I’ve been showing up for rehearsal, and lifting heavy objects, to get the show ready for dates being booked for April.

If we toured a small landlocked country in Western Europe, bordered by Belgium, France, and Germany A.P.R.I.L. could stand for; A Perilous Rendezvous In Luxembourg.Must go. Need Coffee. Stephe

Serial writing project.

Good day to you my friends,
I SAID GOOD DAY SIR! That’s a quote from some movie, I don’t remember which. Sounds like something Anthony Hopkins would say. Aaaanyway, I’m Stephe the drummer for Serial Thrillers and am going to start writing in this infinite rectangle to keep those interested updated in what’s up with Paul and I, and of course the wonderful humans that help keep the machine running. I’ll fill you in on new music, where we’re playing, and generally spill my guts on all the behind the scenes shenanigans. I’m too lazy to google shenanigans, so if I done misspelld it you may punish me as you see fit. If there’s not alot to tell I may just write about some benign subject such as dust, coffee, aliens, silverware etc… until Paul decides I’ve finally gone off the deep end.
Presently we are ferociously, shamelessly promoting our new self-titled cd, so if you don’t have one yet please click the link on our page and order one. We are booking dates starting in April, and as soon as we have them confirmed we will post them on our site. Must run, so till next time, Stephe

Serial Thrillers Press!!!!

Serial Thrillers has been getting a bit of attention and we want to share it with you…..Hey! Thanks!!

Stereo Subversion -Monday February 16th, 2009

“The eponymous release from Serial Thrillers is one of those cool albums that steers clear of being pretentious, avoids cheesy clichés and is a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. It’s pop enough without being Nine Days or Vertical Horizon, and it rocks enough without having to reach for the stars with Metallica-like time changes or the sort of angry, kooky vocals found on a KoRn record. In fact, the album shares more than a few similarities with Audiovent’s Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris, and it’s that sound that makes this record a winner.”

-Brian Palmer

Full Review – Stereo Subversion

Daily Vault – Indie Friday – Independent release, 2008 – February 6, 2009

“Album’s kickoff one-two punch of “Defied” and “Unattractive” are engaging and well-crafted, transitioning seamlessly from breezy pop melodicism to arena-sized guitar muscle.  There’s more goodness in the late going as well, as the steady-as-she-goes “Bolder” and rather Rush-divided-by-Tool closer “Rex” underscore Ortolano, Clements and Resta’s gift for crafting tasty big-sky guitar-pop.”
-Jason Warburg

Full Review – Daily Vault

Pop Culture…Will Eat Itself – Sunday Music Spotlight – Serial Thrillers – January 25, 2009

“Serial Thrillers aren’t just another band out of Boston. It’s two primary members, Paul Ortolano and Stephen Clements, are music industry veterans, as studio musicians, on tours in backing bands, and even hosting radio shows. In 2008 they got together and recorded an eponymous album full of intricate pop songs. They’re complex enough to be interesting, but catchy enough to be memorable.” ….
Full Review – Pop Culture

New CD complete!

The new Serial Thrillers CD, produced by Anthony J. Resta, mixed by Karyadi Sutedja, &  mastered by Vlado Meller at The Hit Factory Miami, is complete & beautiful, & will be available shortly here on myspace, on our website, and fine music outlets everywhere! Keep an eye out for our cd release party, and other Fall shows in New England and beyond.

Hear our new single now!