Hi Pourson,
That’s how Homestar Runner would greet you. Here’s is a link if you would care to meet him and his animated friends, www.homestarrunner.com

We plan on playing everywhere in the world soon, so we think you may want to purchase our latest musical creation before you come to see us live.
I mention this not purely to insure our financial survival, but also to enhance your enjoyment of the Serial Thrillers spectacle you will soon be viewing at a venue near your home.
I personally find the concert experience to be greatly enhanced when I’m familiar with the songs of the artist.

CD’s will be available at the shows, but if you’d like to sing along here’s a link where you can purchase them in advance.

Peace & Love to you,
Stephe. Drummer/Cymbalist/Sample Igniter/Serial Thrillers

Hear our new single now!