Boring drum Talk.

This is reeeaaally reeeaaally, boring drum talk so if you know what’s good for you you’ll turn back now. I mean it. Last chance.

I was replacing heads and tuning the Serial Thrillers drum module last night and was so excited when I thought I had achieved one of my bests tunings ever. A perfect 3rd between a 12’’ tom and a 14’’ tom, with nary a sour overtone. That was with me sitting behind the kit, and listening out front also. So I put in my ear buds to hear what it will sound like close mic’d, as Paul and I got ready to run Saturdays set.
I hit the 12’’ rack tom and it sounded awesome as I expected it would, and the 14’’ floor sounded like Shit. Unexpected.
All the wonderful tone was coming from the bottom head. I moved the mic from the top head to the bottom head of the drum, and there was my great tuning again. I couldn’t leave it mic’d like that, as through the PA you’d hear all tone and no attack.
I took off the heads and re-tuned the floor tom so it was a fifth lower than the rack.
It now sounds wicked pissah!
While I went through this re-tuning process Paul patiently waited. I just couldn’t run the set knowing that drum sounded so poorly. I,I,I just couldn’t! Thanks Saint Paulie boy!
Now raise your hand if you enjoy tuning drums.
If you raised your hand you’re either lying or enjoy torture.
If you’re lying, you’re a typical American.
If you enjoy torture we might be reading the same book, but are not on the same page.
Oh yeah…..The safe word is Bill Pullman.

After reading back my story I realized most of the events happened just like I said, but some of the tuning took place after rehearsal. I don’t want to lie, but I also don’t want to rewrite. Do you feel my pain?

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