More words

Well, well, well,

An ominous greeting. The kind you get when you have been caught in the act, e.g., “Well, well, well. I thought you didn’t eat zebra cakes”. Using two well’s means about the same, and using one doesn’t work (well) as a greeting.
One well might be followed by, “If that’s what you really want”, or “Screw you!”
Now that I think of it, you may greet someone with, “Well hello there!” That should be said with enthusiasm, (Texan used car salesman), or in a creepy trying to be sexy way (Quagmire from Family Guy).

In the strange and beautiful world of Serial Thrillers things are whizzing right along.

Our first live date will be April 25th, at the Bopnique Sci-fi mambo lounge, located above Bainbridge’s restaurant in Chelmsford MA. I don’t know if that’s really the name of the venue, but it’s sponsored by our great friend, Anthony Resta whom if I’m not mistaken comes from the planet Scifimambo, in the galaxy of F*#king insane producer. We’ll post all the info on this momentous occasion as it comes in. (turn to next camera) in other news today, the songs Rex, and If Ever were both chosen as Song of The Day, on On separate days of course, or it would have to be Songs of The Day. As I mentioned in a previous blog interviewed us for an up-coming newsletter which will be sent to 80,000, subscribers. I hope they all buy a cd. Think I’m being overly optimistic? I do think like a child sometimes. I punctuate like one also.

Must…..break….free… from…. the …. giant…. clam…..

Meaning my laptop, but brings to mind an episode from the television series Batman (Mayor Adam West), where Robin (Burt Ward) is being devoured by a giant clam.

Any one see it? Scary stuff.

Be well and if you haven’t yet, don’t have any unnecessary cosmetic surgery. You’re beautiful as you are! Unless you think it will make you feel better about yourself for ever and always. Stephe

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