Space Travel

Let’s take a moment to wish space cadet REX, and his perfect, Peter Pan shadow, good fortune on his blue space suited, angel winged flight to the reddest of all planets.
No my friends. This planet lies deep in the Sci –Fi Mambo galaxy.
Redder than Mars, more sensual than Venus, not as bright as the Sun but still quite intelligent. REX will land on schedule, 9 PM, 4/25/09, at Bopnique.
On arrival he will ascend the stairs (moving slowly while making Darth Vaderish breathing sounds). Upon reaching the platform, he will bound to the left to re-energize his body and mind with sumptuous horderves, then proceed across the hall to hydrate.
In this room he, along with many other adventurous travelers, will view, The “Serial Thrillers” communicating their thoughts and feelings through vigorous movement, rhythm and melody.
You don’t need a space suit or even angel wings to arrive at this event. Just click your heels together 3 times at 33 beats per minute and say” There’s no business like show business”. Then hop in you car and drive.

Serial Thrillers Live
[CD Release Party Pt 1]
Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 9:00pm
The Bopnique Sci-fi Mambo Lounge
@ Bainbridge’s
75 Princeton Street
N. Chelmsford, MA
21+ Adm $10
(includes hot buffet)

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