Another scenario

Another scenario for April 25th

You walk into the club expecting to slide in under the radar,


All your friends are there to wish you a HAPPY (fill in the blank). Paul then greets you and puts leis of varying colors and designs around your neck. I come over smiling BIG with a present the size of a two month old Malaysian tiger cub covered by wrapping paper of varying colors and designs.

I toss you the package, and as it flys through the air time seems to stand still.

Passing through your mind are all the times you went to see bands, with your hopes high for some great music, a little entertainment, and possibly a hot meal, only to have your dreams dashed, by a band of mannequins with a bad sound system, and stale Chex snack mix. You catch the box in the best way possible, flat to your stomach with no corners poking you, or ribbons tangling in your fingers.

This snaps you back to reality.

This is really happening. Loving friends, family, friends of friends, and friends of family are honoring you, at a Serial Thrillers show, where there is a hot buffet, and more than adequate for the room sound system.

You now are prompted to open your present.

In the box is an object, the likes of which you’ve never seen, but somehow know after having seen it your life will never be the same. To complete your evening the Serial Thrillers must now ROCK.

This much you can count on.

We’d love to see you in the audience at The Bopnique Lounge
at Bainbridges, April 25th, and any other time we’re performing in your area.

p.s. though we aren’t mannequins on stage, we do have mannequins on stage.

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