cream of stonsciousness

No amazing news today, but I feel the need to fill some space so I will semi stream of conciousness write. By semi I maean I will write shit down realfast ewith out thinking about it and most definitely edit later. I just had the thought of putting up both versions as you would see how poor a speed speller I am, not to mention grammatically lazy. Now my miund is starting to think with some real thought so I feel I must type faster so as not to vbe contrite. Contrite is not the right wordbutr it’s the one that popped in to my head while lookin for the correct word, and I don’t have time to think od the correct word if I wish to be true to my stream of rambliungs. So ever jump off a cliff at a quarry . I have .must have been two telephone poles high . pretty scary. Speaking of heights, ever climb a water tower? Wow I actually remembered to put in a question mark, and now an exclaimation point and I think I may have selled exclaimatipon correctly. That made me think of a new word:ex-claymaton. That would be scrumped up balls of clay thayt used to be a n animated chicken or a Wallace or a grommet.CHESE GROMMIT.BREATH, BREATH. NOW WHAT HOLY CRAP I COULD GO WAY OFF THE DEEP END AND TELL YOU SOMETHING I NEVER TOLD ANYONE BEFORE. NOTHING IMMEDIATELY COMES TO MIND THAK GOD OR SOMEONE WHO LOOKS LIKE HIM. OK I’M GOING TO LOOK AT WHAT ‘VE WRIRREN SO FAR ANF PROBABLY SCRAP IT CUZIT’S SO STUPID. HERE I GO. SEE YOU IN A MINUE.

I didn’t edit this. I didn’t give up any deep dark secrets or impart pearls of wisdom. I didn’t spell exclamation correctly either time, or put one in where I said I was going to. I spelled Gromit wrong twice, and forgot to take the font off CAPS near the end. Spell check gave me at least 20 squiggly red and green lines. I did this for myself once when I was drunk and angry. Now that was a good one. Wanna see it? No way dude. Like 3 or 4 pages in a spiral notebook. They say never write anything down you don’t want the whole world to know. I’m going to look through my old notebooks.
Love, Stephe. See you on the 25th.

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