New interview

Cool news yesterday. We were asked by the folks at to do a short interview to be featured in their newsletter, which will reach 80,000 members. If you get a chance, stop by so you can listen to a plethora of different artists.

Nooooow, so this web log isn’t left as a self centered Serial Thrillers” hey look at us” thing; I’ll tell you a little something else. Though some of you may rejoice with us in our moments of good fortune, as we rejoice with you in your more fortunate moments, no one enjoys being bombarded by continuous promotions. Not that we can stop, as we fit into that particular category  of  human being who needs more attention than the average individual, or we  wouldn’t be on a stage dancing around making facial distortions, and bodily contortions to make you look at us .Or would we? Why DO I wield slender pieces of wood at various speeds toward brass discs, and plastic sheets stretched tightly over circularly bent, and glued plies of wood of varying depths. That activity I like doing even when I’m alone and no one is listening. Steady Rhythm feels so good. So” rock steady baby. That’s what I feel now. Let’s call this song exactly what it is, what it is, what it is, what it is” (Aretha Franklin).

You ARE the missing link! Goodbye.

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