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Serial Thrillers has been getting a bit of attention and we want to share it with you…..Hey! Thanks!!

Stereo Subversion -Monday February 16th, 2009

“The eponymous release from Serial Thrillers is one of those cool albums that steers clear of being pretentious, avoids cheesy clichés and is a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. It’s pop enough without being Nine Days or Vertical Horizon, and it rocks enough without having to reach for the stars with Metallica-like time changes or the sort of angry, kooky vocals found on a KoRn record. In fact, the album shares more than a few similarities with Audiovent’s Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris, and it’s that sound that makes this record a winner.”

-Brian Palmer

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Daily Vault – Indie Friday – Independent release, 2008 – February 6, 2009

“Album’s kickoff one-two punch of “Defied” and “Unattractive” are engaging and well-crafted, transitioning seamlessly from breezy pop melodicism to arena-sized guitar muscle.  There’s more goodness in the late going as well, as the steady-as-she-goes “Bolder” and rather Rush-divided-by-Tool closer “Rex” underscore Ortolano, Clements and Resta’s gift for crafting tasty big-sky guitar-pop.”
-Jason Warburg

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Pop Culture…Will Eat Itself – Sunday Music Spotlight – Serial Thrillers – January 25, 2009

“Serial Thrillers aren’t just another band out of Boston. It’s two primary members, Paul Ortolano and Stephen Clements, are music industry veterans, as studio musicians, on tours in backing bands, and even hosting radio shows. In 2008 they got together and recorded an eponymous album full of intricate pop songs. They’re complex enough to be interesting, but catchy enough to be memorable.” ….
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