Serial writing project.

Good day to you my friends,
I SAID GOOD DAY SIR! That’s a quote from some movie, I don’t remember which. Sounds like something Anthony Hopkins would say. Aaaanyway, I’m Stephe the¬†drummer for Serial Thrillers and am going to start writing in this infinite rectangle to keep those interested updated¬†in what’s up with Paul and I, and of course the wonderful humans that help keep the machine running. I’ll fill you in on new music, where we’re playing, and generally spill my guts on all the behind the scenes shenanigans. I’m too lazy to google shenanigans, so if I done misspelld it you may punish me as you see fit. If there’s not alot to tell I may just write about some benign subject such as dust, coffee, aliens, silverware etc… until Paul decides I’ve finally gone off the deep end.
Presently we are ferociously, shamelessly promoting our new self-titled cd, so if you don’t have one yet please click the link on our page and order one. We are booking dates starting in April, and as soon as we have them confirmed we will post them on our site. Must run, so till next time, Stephe

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