You ROCK! I ROCK! When smashed together we create sparks. Add some dry leaves and twigs we’ll create fire.  Then we’ll lie passively watching our creation grow, pulling anything it can touch into its raging  rave of  swirling insanity, that if not forcibly extinguished, will eventually burn out, smolder and die when unable to reach anything else to fuel its madness.

Rough translation;

Paul, you like to ROCK! Me TOO!  When we play music together we create energy, through rhythm and melody. When people come to our show they feel the vibrations and start to move. Then we watch our friends create amongst themselves a raging rave of swirling insanity, that will continue unless the police shut us down, or they turn on the lights for last call, and there’s no more alcohol to consume, or music to fuel their madness.

That’s just one possible scenario. Come see us at The “Bopnique Sci-fi Mambo” Lounge on April 25th and we’ll see what happens.

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