Serial Thrillers live at Gemstones!

When you wake up this Friday Rocktober 23rd, as your very first thought struggles to emerge from the thick chocolate pudding of sleep. Douse it immediately with a glass of cold milk, quenching it’s thirst for the instant negative, leaving it with this positive thought of it’s own; ”Once I wash off this milk with a leisurely warm shower I’ll be ready for anything that comes my way”. Of course since your thought thinks this so will you, being the central scrutinizer and all powerful controller of what goes on in your head.

Once you have entered the real world and are possibly bombarded with temporary mood altering altercations, hold this thought; “I can get through this because I know I’m going out tonight to Gemstones above the Blue Shamrock, 105 Market St. Lowell MA. @9:30 PM to release my daily tension, drink socially with  friends, and get my Rock Concert fix satisfied by Paul and Stephe, who because whenever more than one musician create music on a stage humans find a need to consolidate and label them, are called,  The Serial Thrillers!”

That’s my contribution to the millions of billions of ways one could begin and end their day. However you choose to start your day it would be our great pleasure for you to end it with us.

Hear our new single now!